So dudes, this is the official announcement of the release of my English weblog. I’ve been working on its template and css files for about 2 days. And now it looks quite neat. Why did I setup another weblog besides the older one?

WordPress is a wonderful blogging software. It supports category, trackback, referer, and of coz, rss, which are exactly what I’m looking for these days. I’m always excited about the fresh air in my life.

How comes this title?

The cosmos is invar“iably changing. Full of challenges, isn’t it? As a tiny creature on the blue planet, I’m actively engaging in the revolution.

How often would it be updated, presumably?

Because English is not my mother tongue, I can’t speak THAT pure English as some of your guys do. But I’ll try to scrabble here once in a while, maybe once or twice a week. Thanks for your patience.