Which extensions do you recommend?

  • Gmail Notifier;
  • Bloglines Toolkit;
  • Deepest Sender: Post to LiveJournal;
  • Tabbrowser Preferences: This 1.1.1 version make the browser in single window mode;
  • ColorZilla: Snap the color of the mouse position within the browser;
  • Send To: Send selected text to my Editplus;
  • lget: Simplify downloading files of any types;
  • del.icio.us: Post current page;
  • Furl Tools: Furl this page.

How to remove search engines in the Firefox search toolbox?

You might have noticed that a bunch of search engines are natively integrated in Firefox. You can access them via just a few clicks, without installing any plugins. It’s also quite easy to add engines that you want through Mycroft (del.icio.us / search, Baidu mp3, and CIBA is NOT in it. I’ll try to add them shortly.). However, you can’t remove anyone of them from the GUI. Here is what you’d try out:

  • Navigate to $PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins;
  • Each search engine has a .src file and a .png(or .gif) file. Delete the two files for the search engine you wish to remove;
  • Restart Firefox.

With MSN Search officially released on Feb 1st. Google is no more the exclusive search solution for me. You know, I used to be so addicted to it. Anyway, having more choices is not bad at all. (I hate monopoly. Vive la freedom!) So my Firefox search engines are including but not limited to Google, Google Images, Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN, Wikipedia (EN), Furl.net.

P.S. Ask Jeeves always has problem with GB2312. Report said that Ask Jeeves acquired Bloglines. I usually spend about 2 hours on Bloglines everyday. So this message somewhat turned me down, I’m feeling nervous about the uncertain consequences Ask Jeeves might bring to Bloglines. God bless the poor online RSS aggregator.