It’s still a 24ish hours way to the Rooster Year. At this point, this north capital city is just half empty! Many people were making short or long journey to get home for family get-togethers. So as one of my colleagues had put it, like, half of the country’s population were on the way. Spring festival is a time of “floating” for the whole nation. I knew this when I took bus from Zhongguancun Crossroad bus stop back to Tuanjiehu. If it were not spring festival, the compartment of bus No. 302 should be EXTREMELY crowded, and the traffic should be EXTREMELY heavy. But today there were still empty seats. Actually I took a cozy nap sitting on mine.

Though it is forbidden to play with fireworks within the 5th ring road of Beijing. I can still indulge in the festive atomosphere. There will be just a few of ppl going to work tomorrow. I mean, I’m also planning to get back to my parents’ place in the morning, a while after presenting myself in the office. (I’m diligent enough, really.)

So just celebrate the holiday with your parents, beloved ones(young couples have another festival during this special season ;-)), call old friends, breath some fresh air, and have a good rest.

Happy new year, guys!