Personally speaking, surfing the Internet via Google search results can be a frustrating thing, coz quite a number of websites have been blocked by the so-called Great Firewall of China. The actions taken by China censorship are mostly reasonable(I mean FLG), while sometimes are arbitrary. You know, we could not visit blogspot( directly here in China, while this site might be the world’s largest blog service provider.

Here is some thoughts dealing with this:

  1. Proxy: This is useful for those directly connected to the net. But it’s insane for me to use a proxy server to access another proxy server;
  2. Google cache: It used to be blocked by the firewall too. I’m happy to see the restriction is gradually loosening;
  3. Online RSS aggregator: This is a good idea. At least we could read now, since not write;
  4. Anonymous web surfing software: Haven’t tried yet.