It snows again! The large-sized flakes danced in the lamp light, elegantly and fairily. It was just a beautiful picture for me when I was waiting for the No. 386 bus. I like the snow. But at the same time, the snow totally hid the moon up. Yes, it’s Lantern Festival today. The moonlight should be very nice if the sky was clear.

The coming of Lantern Festival indicates the ending of Chinese lunar new year celebration. So I can hear that firecrackers popped here and there, although it has been forbidden within the 5th ring road by the government. And some of the burglar alarms of cars were raised, making noises along with the firecrackers.

Binbin bought us sticky rice balls at the No. 10 Daoxiangcun sales department. It’s amzing that all the kinds of stuffing are my favorite ones: black sesame seeds and walnut, creamy coconut paste, sweet-scented hawthorn…

P.S. Differences between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan:
They look similar regarding to color and shape. Actually Yuanxiao comes from north China. Tangyuan comes from south. Yuanxiao is usually made by rolling in a bamboo sieve, while Tangyuan is folded with bare hands, and tastes much softer than Yuanxiao.