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It would provide:

  • an external personal information portal, through which other people could get this person’s profile easily. Concretely, this might be a blogging intermedium, or a complete blogging space;
  • an internal personal information portal, through which he himself could access lastest news, weblog subscriptions, mailboxes, search results, and even everything. RSS feed aggregator is a good example for this;
  • a powerful networking mechanism(foaf, community, interest, tag);
  • an audio/video P2P communication tool;

For now, Google has Blogger, orkut. But both are unsatisfactory. This is absolutely true for me at least – thinking about the inaccessible blogspot, and so few functions with orkut. Comparatively speaking, Microsoft has MSN Spaces, My MSN, wallop(though it exists for experimental purposes), MSN Messenger. Yahoo has only My Yahoo!(but it is the first internal personal information portal with RSS support). It seems M$ has surpassed Google.

So, big guys, come on. Grab these goodies: Six Apart(Movable Type and LiveJournal company), WordPress, Bloglines, Friendster, Meetup, Skype.

P.S. //addoil uuzone~