american idiot As Mark Twain put it, “April 1st is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other 364.” The alarm woke me up from my sound sleep at 6:13 in the morning. Briefly I was thinking about the broken attendance check machine(because of the power outage at 23:03 last night). Did I need to get out of the cozy bed and head for office that early? Anyway, 20 minutes later, I appeared at the 302 bus stop. But what am I pursuing in such a hurry? Who knows! Many people can easily make a long wish list for the next May Day holiday. They hate Elizabeth Arden so much as they love Christian Dior. They can tell what is principled right or what is principled wrong in their minds. Actually, I don’t want to end up this special day with these headaches. I admit, I am the mentally retarded one comparing to the “fast progressing society”. Love is life. Life is truth. Truth is freedom. Luckily nothing could prevent me from pondering over my life like this.