A few years ago, a government job at any level was the first choice of those looking for work. It meant a secure position. The benefits were good and the work environment comfortable.

Goodbye to all that.

Now the search is for jobs with foreign-funded or joint ventures – especially if the job-hunter is young. The most impressive reason: assurance of a high salary.

As for me, I expect a job that displays my capablilities and offers me room for development.
Just as a coin has two sides, so does a person. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. When looking for a job, I consider what I want. Then I make a choice that will best use my expertise. In a sense, the job should be a stage on which I can display my capabilities and show my value through achievements at work. A good stage can not only give me confidence but also put me in a position that allows me to do a better job. In addition, the sense of fulfillment will make me more confident and push me to work harder. Under those circumstances, I can make a successful career. The job I expect also should offer me room for personal development. I want to be able to pursue advanced studies. The knowledge ecomomy will play an increasingly important role: Everyone will strive to learn more.
To gain an edge in the increasingly heated competition, I need frequent opportunities to keep up with the latest advances.

Then, I want the chance to be promoted to a higher position because of my efforts. I don’t expect a very high salary, or status, at the beginning. But after a period of time. I’d like to be given a raise based on my performance. In other words, I would appreciate a reasonable incentive system. I don’t think this is too much to ask, of my employer or myself.